Tips to help determine which house is best for you.

Decide on a couple of preferred neighborhoods for your home search, then you pick out a few homes to view. Having a house features ‘wish list’ that keeps you focused on what is most important to you.

Narrowing down your home search, consider the following:

  • know what type of home you want to buy for ex: ranch, tri-level, 2 story
  • determine what age and condition of the house you want to buy
  • consider resale potential. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!
  • sometimes your feature wish list could be changed!
  • use a home search comparison chart
  • act decisively when you find the right home

There are a few forms of home ownership: single family homes, multiple family homes, or condominiums.

Single family homes: One home per lot.

Multiple family homes: Some buyers start with multiple family dwellings, so they’ll have rental income to help with their costs, taxes, etc. Mortgage plans, including VA and FHA loans, can be used for buildings with up to four units, if the buyer intends to occupy one of them.

Condos: With a condominium, you own ‘inside’. You also own a certain percentage of the ‘common elements’, staircases, sidewalks, roofs, etc. your monthly fees pay your share of insurance on those elements, as well as repairs and maintenance to the exterior. A homeowner’s association/HOA administers the development.

Decide What Age and Condition of Home You Want to Purchase

Weigh your needs, budget and personal tastes in deciding whether you want to buy a newly constructed home, an older home or a ‘fixer-upper’ that requires some work.

Consider Resale Potential

As you look at homes, you may want to keep in mind these resale considerations.